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Jessica Rey presents the history of the evolution of the swimsuit including the origins of its design, how it has changed overtime and the post-feminist association of the bikini symbolizing female empowerment. She refers to neuro-scientific studies revealing how male brains react to images of scantily clad women versus images of women deemed modest and what the implications of the results are for women in society.

(Note: As the OP, I disagree with Rey’s approach to putting the onus on women to alter ourselves rather than to alter the male perception of women – brain wiring has plenty to do with socialization and if we worked against the culture that fuels men’s objectification of women, women’s clothing choices would matter far less in terms of how men perceive us and determine how to interact with us).

Jessica Rey - The Evolution of the Swim Suit

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And therefore if you wear a bikini then it is your duty to force men to pay attention to you as a human, not a thing.

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Jil Sander Autumn/Winter 2012

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"We’re all trying to forget someone."

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Where the fuck do you guys find this shit? Do you know how utterly misinformed this is, it’s really sad.

These prices vary from Planned Parenthood clinic to the next, so no, there is not set price and Planned Parenthood bases the price you pay off of your income, wild right?

Here is a Planned Parenthood calculator that gauges/esitimates the price you’ll pay for these services, first it’ll ask you your age, I chose between 18-24, next it’ll ask you about your income, the general monthly income for people who live on government assistance or who have minimum wage jobs, is about 700$, so I’ll put in 700$ monthly. Next it’ll ask you how many adults and children live in your house, I put 1, then it’ll ask you about what services you seek, what clinic you’ll be visiting (I just picked the first one) and it’ll ask if you’ve been to a Planned Parenthood within 3 years, I said no and these are the results:

  • Pregnancy Exam/Urine Pregnancy Test: Free.
  • In-Clinic 12 week abortion: 625$
  • Annual Exam or Check-up (Includes Pap, STI/STD Testing, and Pregnancy test): Free.
  • HIV Testing and Counseling: Free.
  • STD/STI Testing (There’s not such thing as “basic” or “advanced” packages, it’s just one test): Free.
  • IUD and IUD insertion (which includes an exam, a Pap, and possible STI testing): Free.
  • Birth Control Pills (including exam, pregnancy tests, and oral contraceptives): Free.
  • Depo-Provera Shot (includes exam, pap, and injection): Free.

Tell me again how Planned Parenthood is not a “charity for low income [persons]”. (Not  just women use planned parenthood you cissexist fuck.) That income of 700$ a month is what I made when I lived in the states on a minimum wage job, just two years ago, everything I put into that calculator was my life, it’s actually a LOT of people’s lives.

BTW some of the Cancer Screening and Prevention services that Planned Parenthood provides include Pap Tests, HPV Vaccinations, Breast Exams/ Breast Care, Colposcopy Procedures, LOOP/LEEP Procedures, Cryotherapy Procedures, and if for whatever reason a certain Planned Parenthood clinic cannot provide you with a certain service, their physician can refer you to a place that can help you with that certain service.

And Planned Parenthood also provides prenatal care. So before you continue spreading bullshit, especially without doing proper research, I suggest you study up or shut up. P.S. There were quite literally no sources or even proof given. - Paige

As an employee of this wonderful organization, I just wanted to add a few things:

1) You’re correct—Planned Parenthood is NOT a charity. It’s a not-for-profit business. They have to earn money to pay rent for their clinic, utilities, employee wages, etc., along with having to purchase supplies and equipment. Also, they provide services to people of ALL socioeconomic statuses, not just those with no insurance or minimum-wage/no income. Many people CHOOSE to use Planned Parenthood for their annual exams, STI tests, contraceptive services, treatment of gynecological problems, and prenatal care EVEN THOUGH they have private insurance or have a large annual income. 

2) No, Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms…but this is said as though it’s somehow shocking. It shouldn’t be shocking at all, because you know who else doesn’t provide mammograms? Almost every single OBGYN in the United States. Mammography is a type of radiologic diagnostic test that must be done by highly trained individuals on specific types of equipment and then interpreted by radiologists. Most people in need of mammograms are referred to a radiology or mammography CENTER by their physicians/PAs/NPs, where nothing but mammograms (or other diagnostic radiology) are performed. Sometimes, a hospital even has a “mammogram mobile,” which is exactly what it sounds like…a roving mammography center on wheels! This allows mammography access to people who otherwise might be unable to get transportation to get a mammogram. You know what else? Often, Planned Parenthood will collaborate with a hospital that has a “mammogram mobile,” and schedule a day or a weekend where it comes to the Planned Parenthood location in order to provide mammograms to Planned Parenthood’s patients *at a discounted cost*! However this isn’t available everywhere, so Planned Parenthood absolutely can and frequently does make referrals for people in need of mammograms! 

2a) A biopsy of a breast lump is another type of highly specific diagnostic test that is done when a person finds a lump in their breast, or a mammogram shows an area of concern. I once felt a lump in my breast at the age of 21, and frantically called the NP at the Planned Parenthood where I worked. She fit me in to the schedule for the next day, and said “hmm, Eve, this is a significant lump that needs to be biopsied. Let me get you a referral right now.” The NEXT DAY, I saw a physician in the *hospital*, and I was taken into a procedure room very similar to an operating room. I was given IV medications to put me at ease in a state of twilight sedation, my breast was numbed with local anesthetic, and the lump was biopsied. It was then sent to an on-site pathologist, who interpreted the results and informed me that I had aggregate adenosis—thankfully not breast cancer. The procedure would have been IDENTICAL had I gone to my primary care physician, OBGYN, an urgent care office, the emergency room, or Planned Parenthood. No matter who saw me for the lump, I would have been referred to this physician and had the biopsy under his care at the hospital. 

3) I have no clue where this blatant lie about a lack of prenatal care is coming from.  Planned Parenthood provides prenatal care. At my clinic, we absolutely do provide prenatal care at the DEEPLY discounted rate of $1,250 for those paying out of pocket. This fee includes all office visits, blood tests, ultrasounds, monitoring lab work if required, etc. Granted, just like with almost anything, this isn’t available at every single location. In the same way that not every Planned Parenthood location provides abortion, not all clinics provide prenatal care.  I can’t speak for the availability or pricing of prenatal care at every Planned Parenthood location, but I know that some locations that do not have in-house prenatal care actually partner with the local hospitals or even local private practices. When this happens, Planned Parenthood refers a pregnant patient who meets certain income criteria to their partner organization, and due to that referral, the person can receive comprehensive prenatal care at a price that is significantly discounted (often on a sliding scale) in comparison to IDENTICAL CARE provided to another patient of that organization. 

4) I’m sure that whoever made this “infographic” got legitimate information…for ONE clinic location. More than likely, those are the prices for someone who does not meet the income-based requirements for free or discounted services. Having said that, I’ll just point out that OF COURSE Planned Parenthood charges more for services than what they cost the clinic. Like with ANY business, that’s how they earn enough money to keep the doors open and the lights on. Literally every single “patient cost” on there is significantly more expensive than the highest possible cost to patients at my clinic, though. For instance, here’s a sampling of our prices!

Pregnancy tests: free for everyone
Depo shots: free-$40
OCPs: free-$20
IUD: $50 insertion fee-$300
Comprehensive STI screening for HIV, RPR, GC/CT, & HSV (if sores/warts are present): free-$60
Screening for HIV only (blood test OR oraquick): free-$20
Nexplanon: $50 insertion fee-$200
Emergency Contraception: free-$25

4a) Additionally, since the comment above this one mentions the cost for abortions, I want to show how prices on that can range as well. Below are the prices for the different types of abortions at our location. 

Medical Abortions: 
<8 weeks: $385

Surgical Abortions:
<12 weeks: $285
12w-12w6d: $385
13w-13w6d: $485

These prices include pregnancy test, Rh screening, Rhogam injection if necessary, ultrasound (for legal compliance & pregnancy dating), counseling, and the follow-up appointment. Additionally, the cost for a medical abortion also includes the abortion medications, pain medication prescription (Tylox—20 pills dispensed on site), and antibiotics (Doxycycline—14 pills dispensed on site).  The cost for a surgical abortion also includes the surgical procedure and antibiotics (Doxycycline—14 pills dispensed on site). The only service that is NOT included in this price is the optional IV sedation for a surgical procedure. If a patient opts to have sedation, it is $30 regardless of how far along their pregnancy is. The $30 charge is literally what it costs the clinic to purchase the medication—absolutely no money is made off of a patient’s decision to have IV sedation at our location.  Additionally, there is an application that our patients can fill out to see if they qualify for financial assistance.  Depending on their income, the procedures of qualifying patients can be discounted from 25-100%.

Basically, here’s the point: fact-checking and context (for things such as the mammography & biopsy services mentioned above) are VITALLY IMPORTANT to being able to put something like this into the proper perspective. Every single thing someone says could be true, but it may only apply to ONE income level at ONE clinic in ONE town in ONE state. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet just because someone took the time to make a fancy graphic. Shoot, don’t even believe me just because I took the time to type this all out or because I sound like a reliable source (***see footnote)! Look up information, research claims and numerical figures thoroughly and then form your own well-informed world view :)

I, for one, trust that you are 100% capable of thinking for yourself and coming to your own conclusions!

If you should have any questions about the information I provided in this post, other questions about Planned Parenthood’s practices/services, or would like to share a personal experience you have had at Planned Parenthood, please feel free to send them to our ask box (anonymously or otherwise)! As always, we will never publish something you send us without having your expressed consent!


***Note: I would normally include links to my myriad sources for a post like this, however due the fact that I do not wish to disclose the specific clinic for which I work, I am choosing not to source my clinic’s price list. I’m truly sorry for that inconvenience, but I do hope you can understand and respect my decision to protect my anonymity & privacy online. Additionally, I would typically provide source links for all my points, but I am unfortunately having to post this from my cell phone, as my computer is off being fixed, and that makes it very difficult for me to do (I have most of my sources bookmarked or saved as PDFs on my hard drive). I truly apologize for not being able to properly cite my sources in this instance; thanks so much for your patience and understanding in this matter!

ALL of this.

And again, for the record—social services haven’t done shit for me, but Planned Parenthood did 90% of the work involved with getting me on Medicaid when I told them my financial situation. And not for their own benefit—my mom had already agreed to pay up to $100 if necessary. They did it for ME, their patient, because that’s who they are.

When I graduated from college and didn’t have insurance, Planned Parenthood gave me an annual exam, PAP smear, STD panel, and a few months of birth control FOR FREE. So, no, it’s not a charity for low-income women, but they bust their asses to provide free/low-cost things for anyone who needs them.

And of course, when people can afford to pay for their services, PP charges more than the base cost. Every business EVER charges more than cost. That… that is how a business works. Do you think you get your prescription medication from the pharmacy at cost? Do you think you get your groceries at cost? No, because part of what you’re paying for is rent for the building, salaries for the staff, taxes, maintenance, and all other kinds of shit.

"Their shit isn’t free, therefore they’re evil!" O…K.

OP should be ashamed of themselves.

This is why you can’t trust anti-choice groups. They will literally make it so that people are too confused/angry/scared to get the care they NEED.

In what place do their (the anti-choice people) pregnancy tests costs 25 cents??? They’re over $2 a pack usually pretty much everywhere!

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"Some hearts understand each other, even in silence."

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